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Sandra Trujillo - The Inspiration

It came as hard news when my good friend, Sandra, just 28 - only days after getting married - had a funny feeling that was soon diagnosed as breast cancer. This led to a double mastectomy and a long, difficult process of chemotherapy.

Sandra triumphed over the cancer.

Sandra Trujillo de MoyanoIt came as even harder news when, after only 9 months, she was diagnosed with cancer a second time. This time, however, it had spread all over her body. In this advanced stage, her chances for survival were close to none.

That's when I felt I needed to do something to let her know just how much I cared. Some friends and I came up with this LOVE BUTTERFLY idea. We went to her former campus and got friends and strangers alike to all come together and channel their good wishes toward Sandra - a person they had never even met. Everyone instinctively rose to the occasion, revealing a common core of goodness. The exercise turned out to be a success beyond our imaginations.

In a surprise turn of events, someone anonymously bought plane tickets for me to deliver the butterflies to her in person (see the full story). Sandra was deeply moved, carefully taking in each one. I later attached them on the ceiling above her bed, where they appeared to be in flight and truly uplifting. I think it's probably the best thing I could have possibly done.

Miraculously, against all odds, Sandra did it. She beat the cancer. After recovering, Sandra began going to schools across the United States and in Costa Rica, involving school children in making LOVE BUTTERFLIES for other cancer patients.

After two amazing, cancer-free years, Sandra was diagnosed with cancer for a third time! Minutes after hearing this, I began making this website as a way of showing her how much she is cared about. The intention of this site is to send out beautiful blessings - from Sandra's spirit - to as many people as it can reach. May the LOVE BUTTERFLIES bring joy and love whenever and wherever they are most needed.

After almost 6 years living with cancer, Sandra eventually let go. She was a very special person. To read the complete story that inspired the LOVE BUTTERFLIES, click here. It's long, but a lot of fun! :)